How it works

Quick Printer allows you to print text on your receipt printer (ESC / POS). The application is responsible for managing the connection with the Wi-Fi / Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB otg printers.
All you need is to install the application, add your printers inside the Quick Printer app, that's all.

Final users

If you want to print your sms, notes, text from the browser or any favorite text you have, after configuring Quick Printer, just go to your favorite application, select the text you want to print, press Share, a list of applications will be displayed, select Quick Printer, and it's done!


If you have any web/android application of points of sale such as restaurant, store, or any that requires printing a sales ticket or similar, you can integrate it in a simple way, just contact me Here

Be premium User

There are 2 ways to be premium, if you want a license for only one team I recommend that you subscribe within the application in the upper right option.

If you want to buy unlimited time licenses for your users, you can see the prices Here

Manage your printers in an easy way

Quick Print allows you to configure the receipt printers in a simple way, without worrying about drivers or anything else.
You can have multiple printers configured and select in which you want to print.

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Connect and add printers

You only need to have your printer on and/or linked, select the type of printer that is, search, select, add an alias and you're done.

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Print from any application

Quick Printer allows you to print from any existing application, just select and share the text, then select Quick Printer and you're done.
And if you have your application for your business and want to implement it with Quick Printer, it's super simple.

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Quick Printer allows you to manage in a simple way your printers connected to your device.

It's free

There is no limit of prints using Quick Printer, the free version prints a text in the footer.

Many supported commands

You can print your tickets with large letters, logos, bold, bar codes, QR codes, images, etc.

Printing dialog customization

You can change the text and colors of the print dialog in a simple way.

Pin security

You can put a security PIN so that other people can not modify your settings.

Easy Integration

The integration is super simple, for more information go to the following link.

Get premium license

You can subscribe to Quick Printer in the upper right option or if you want unlimited time license, just contact me


The integration with Quick Printer is very simple, all the steps are explained in this Link.

If you want a sample Android project of integration you have it Here.

If you already have Quick Printer installed and configured and you want to try printing from the browser, click here.

Test Printer from Web


These are the costs per unlimited license, you must know that it is a license for each Android device you use and the payment is through Paypal plus 6% of the price.



0 to 20 licenses

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20 to 100 licenses

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1000 to up

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If you are interested in buying licenses or buying the printer library, just write me an email.

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